Meet Brittany Blomsterberg, M.A.

Brittany Blomsterberg is a clairsentient, spiritual coach, certified Reiki II practitioner, yoga instructor, and a divine soul connector. She hones her gifts to experience your soul on deeply energetic, physiological, spiritual, and emotional levels. This allows her to guide you back to your wholeness.  

Brittany’s background includes 10 years of formal education, resulting in a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a Masters Degree in Marriage & Family Therapy. After practicing as a therapist for 4.5 years, she was guided toward becoming a life coach for Tony Robbins, which included an extensive 7-month training followed by 2 years of Results Coaching.

Throughout her therapy and coaching career, she simultaneously immersed herself in the spiritual realm as she began to experientially realize the vast significance of healing through the integration of the mind-body-spirit. Brittany’s immersion included a month-long journey  in a Chiang Mai, Thailand, along with seven years of intensive studies, retreats, seminars, personal energy healing and spiritual guidance, a certification in Reiki II, and 200 hours of yoga teacher training. 

Brittany’s journey of formal and informal education, service to the souls of this world through various platforms, and personal life experiences and transformations, all have guided her to embrace her innate gifts. This has granted Brittany the ability to join forces with your own spiritual guides to support you in living a life of total self-acceptance, love, and fulfillment through BEING YOU!