People say the nicest things! Here are some experiences from working with Brittany.



“I had never done Reiki before and didn't know too much about it. Brittany brought so much clarity to the actual process and what to expect during and after the session. She put me at ease immediately, and I felt like I could completely trust her and the process. While she explained some people turn to Reiki for specific reasons, she really held space for me to be open to whatever benefits and healing (physical, emotional, spiritual) to come from it. Brittany was so intuitive and skilled in this healing process, she actually unearthed some deep emotion and healing within my body. The findings and insights from our Reiki session and the amazing discussion we had afterward still impact my choice: how I choose to show up for myself, my loved ones and my work, and help direct me to live in alignment with my highest good. I admit I don't know what drew me to experience Reiki with and through Brittany, but I'm so glad it was her!”

—Ashley-Marie Olgado



“I started coaching with Brittany at a very critical point in my life and career. I knew I was capable of achieving so much more with my writing and I had a feeling I could show up as a better man for my then-partner. So I reached out, and Brittany and I immediately hit it off. Within our first two calls, it felt like I was talking to an old friend—someone who saw the real, best version of me. She knew when to support me, knew when to challenge me, and wasn’t shy about doing both. Over the time I spent coaching with Brittany, we broke through the mental and emotional barriers holding me back. This month, I just realized that I’ve actually DOUBLED my income  from where it was when I first started my job 3 years ago, and that’s about the time I started working with Brittany. Though I did end up parting ways with my old partner...I am now ENGAGED to the woman of my dreams. I don’t mean that as a cliche—this is the same woman I used to watch from across the room while thinking, “She’s so far out of my league, it’s impossible.” I know without a shadow of a doubt that I would NOT have been able to start this relationship and build the connection we have now if I hadn’t done the work on myself with Brittany’s guidance. Everything Brittany did—the insights she gave me, the exercises she had me take home, the books she told me to read—all of it was exactly what I needed to unleash the best version of myself. If you’re thinking of working with her, DO IT! She is so wise, caring, and thoughtful that calling her “coach” only scratches the surface.”

Sean Mabry, Author, Copywriter

“Brittany doesn’t just look at what’s going on in the outside, she looks at what’s going on in the inside. She helped me take a deeper look at my thoughts, beliefs, and emotions so that I could really get the results I wanted and be unstoppable! Brittany also helped me realize that following my heart was the most important thing of all! Brittany truly is the easiest person to talk to. She gave me the right amount of “push” combined with loving encouragement. It was like (and still is like) I have a best friend with me on my journey! :)”

Paige Shay

“Immediately, within our first conversation, Brittany lit up my soul. I felt an energy and excitement for life that I had recently lost. I craved our conversations, curious as to what walls would be broken down and what old stories would be re-written. My experience with Brittany was beyond magical, it was life-changing. Even though our “official” relationship through mentoring had come to an end, we have remained in contact. Brittany will forever have a special place in my heart and I will always be grateful for her.”

—Gorgeous Goddess a.k.a. Christine H.

“Brittany was truly amazing! The energy she had was just infectious. She knows how to spot what blocks you and give you simple and effective tools to get clear, focus and get your goals achieved."

—Aly Michaels-Clark



“I had been trying to get pregnant for about a year, when the opportunity arose for me to join Brittany and a small group of women to learn more about chakras and our energy centers in her 7 week Chakra Balancing Workshop. I had taken one reiki session with Brittany, and really enjoyed her energy. I was feeling less than open to sharing my struggles to get pregnant, but this seemed like the perfect space to practice some self healing. The chakra class was a hour and a half long, held once weekly, for seven weeks. Each week focused on a chakra; starting from the root and ending with the crown (and beyond). I have always been interested in chakras, and heard about them in yoga classes, but really had no background in energy work. The way that Brittany formatted the classes were informative, personal and obviously curated with great attention to detail. Brittany heard my intentions about why I was taking the workshop, and continued to support me throughout the process. She had us journaling with help from prompts that she provided us. At the end of each class she would give each of us reiki to help align each of our chakras. It really solidified the information that she was teaching us, and felt respectful and purposeful. By the end of the workshop I felt that I had a good idea about each of the chakras, as well as clear and tangible information that I could refer to later.  I am happy to share that I am now pregnant, awaiting my baby girl! I truly feel that Brittany helped balance my energy to better align me with my highest intentions.”

—Kelsey, Educator