You are already whole, divine, and “perfect” as you are. The intention of our journey is to shed the layers from years of conditioning that no longer serve you, allowing your divine Self to be revealed. You do not need to become someone or something else. You are already pure love as that is your true nature. 

As you begin to embody the role of your very own beacon of light in your life and embrace wholeness, your energetic vibration raises. 

Watch the abundance that shows up in your life as you emotionally and energetically align with all of you. Internally, you will feel immense freedom and love that it exudes off into the world; spilling over to family, friends, animals, nature, and even strangers! Externally, this may present as financial abundance, a deeper, more passionate relationship with your current partner, a strong and sexy body, joy in your everyday life, a new intimate partner that you deem a soulmate, a beautiful tribe of like-minded souls… abundance knows no limits!




The primary focus of this process is to support you in falling deeply in love with all parts of your Self; your light and your shadows. You will be building the strongest, most unconditionally loving and graceful relationship with you, full of acceptance and forgiveness through the expansion of your awareness.

How would your life be different if you no longer sought love outside yourself? If there was no more “right” way or “wrong” way of being or doing anything? What if you no longer needed to control everything to feel safe? What if you no longer resisted anything that is and instead embraced them?

The secondary focus for our healing journey is for you to embrace your divine gifts and purpose for being here at this time in your life. It is imperative to note that your purpose may evolve and this process will support you in embracing and allowing the shifts to occur organically through following your heart and intuition.

Imagine and feel what your life would be like if you embraced your gifts? If you lived authentically and boldly? If you shined your inner light as brightly as you could? What would it feel like if you only engaged in practices, careers, relationships, and activities that fed your soul and brightened your inner light? What would the world be like if we all embraced our divine gifts and our purpose?


My promise to you is to be the facilitator of your own mind, body, and spirit’s natural abilities to heal. I am here to provide the safety and space for you to be you. I am here to listen. I am here to be your supporter and your cheerleader. I am here to encourage you and empower you. I am here to guide you in your abilities to trust your Self, access your intuition, and utilize your physiological ease and dis-ease as indicators for the next steps to take on your path.

I have the ability to see the true you even if you currently are unable. I commit to you that I will do everything in my power, (with the support of the Universe of course!), to assist you in embodying your divine Self more fully, returning to wholeness.




You are the expert to your own life. You know your Self best, and your divine Self holds the vision and desires of your life. You will be directing the healing through your intentions while I will be facilitating and guiding your transformation. 

You must be ready and willing to go very deep- to the depths of your core- to have spiritual conversations and interactions with me. Your experience of this healing will be directly correlated with the degree of openness and vulnerability you bring to the process. With that said, I create an emotionally safe environment to delve deeper at your own pace. I meet you where you are, as where you are is divinely perfect.

Your responsibility is to simply show up and be. Get ready to be an active participant of your healing through your vulnerability, engagement in suggested practices, and internal exploration between sessions. If you do this and be this, you will receive exactly the healing you are meant to have at this time.

Trust in the process. (I will help you!)