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Manage Your Anxiety: Holistic Healing to Overcome Anxiety

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Led by a different holistic healer each week you will learn tangible tools to manage your anxiety from a true mind-body approach. Instructors will include a yoga therapist, nutritionist, licensed mental health therapist, spiritual and meditation coach and health coach. Each week you will receive a new set of tools to overcome anxiety and learn how to implement these newly acquired tools.

In this course, you will learn:

  • Learn tools to shift your internal programming and unhealthy thinking patterns to address anxiety head-on.

  • Obtain information on how diet, hormones and natural remedies can reduce anxiety.

  • Learn yoga sequences and breathing techniques in order to rebalance your nervous system, and provide you with tangible tools you can apply to your daily life.

  • Create a lifestyle that reduces anxiety and helps honor your values, strengths, and individual needs so you can align with who you truly are and live the truest, fullest version of yourself!

  • Learn conscious living and meditation techniques to facilitate kindness and compassion to reduce anxiety and negative self-beliefs.