The Voice Zone Guest Post

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How many of you who have been diligent in building a powerful voice continue to experience less than ideal results?

Despite noticing a vast improvement in your physical voice following countless hours of vocal exercises & support, your numbers are not adequately reflecting your efforts?

Perhaps you are not equally strengthening the two primary voices– your Physical Voice and your Energetic Voice. It is more common to focus your time on strengthening the Physical Voice, enhancing your projection, volume, pronunciation, enunciation, etc.

What’s often ignored is the Energetic Voice, made up of your intention, integrity, and identity. Exercising the Energetic voice requires you to become introspective, asking yourself powerful questions & deepening your self-awareness.

To be most successful, the components of your Energetic Voice must be congruent with what is being articulated by your Physical Voice.


Adam Alonsagay