Reiki In-Person

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As a clairsentient, I have the ability to feel and work with energy through connecting deeply to your mind, body, and spirit. This allows me to assist in moving any stuck energy that is currently causing you pain and/or suffering. Often, we hold past traumas in the cells of our body that can cause us ailments in the present. I am here to support you in the release of this suffering, allowing you to feel lighter, at ease, and a sense of peace.

This is a 60-minute session whereby I can come to you if you have been personally recommended to me by someone I know, or we meet at a neutral space. The intention is to be in a peaceful environment that allows you to completely relax and receive the maximum benefits.

We begin the treatment with a brief discussion on what brought you in for a session, an overview of the process, and setting your intention for what you desire to receive. You will then transition by laying down on my Reiki table (akin to a massage table) and engage in brief and simple exercises to enter into a state of pure relaxation. From there, I will perform Reiki on you over the course of the next 35-45 minutes (*please see Reiki Explained for details on the Reiki process), until we wrap up by sharing your experiences as a client, and my insights that came up as a facilitator. You will leave with resources/suggestions/tools that will continue the healing after our session is complete.


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